Saturday, July 6, 2013

Original Xbox could have been named MARZ, VERV, other awkward acronyms

2:29 PM

Original Xbox could have been named WEP, or other awkward acronyms

Xbox is a household name today, but a recently unearthed EDGE interview with Seamus Blackley has revealed that this name almost didn't make the early cut. Microsoft asked Blackley's team for a name change due to legal reasons, and it suggested a wave of cringe-worthy acronyms that included MARZ (Microsoft Active Reality Zone) and VERV (Virtual Entertainment & Reality Venture). We all know who won the debate, but it's entertaining to think of what might have been. Check the full list of rejected names at the source link -- and be glad that you're not lining up to buy the latest Halo game for your Microsoft Entertainment & Gaming Attendant.

[Image credit: Evan-Amos, Wikipedia]

Source: EDGE


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