Friday, June 21, 2013

Share TV clips as they air with new Sky-supported Grabyo web app

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A new video sharing service launched in the UK on Thursday, allowing users to share clips from their favourite TV shows, as they air, in real time.

The web app called Grabyo has partnered with broadcaster Sky to allow the legal sharing of ad-supported clips on Facebook and Twitter, with clips posted to the the latter viewable inline within Twitter cards.

The second-screen service syncs up with the show and enables the capture of the last 20 seconds of video with one push of a button and, from there, enables easy sharing.

The site is in a 'try it and see' phase at the moment and, sadly, the only show available to share will be Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, which airs on the Sky Living channel.

More content coming

The London-based start-up is, thankfully, in discussions with another top broadcaster in order to widen the library of shows available to grab, yo.

The business model is based around offering content providers further ways to make cash from their shows beyond traditional methods. Grabyo will take a cut of the ad deals it helps facilitate.

The company's CEO Will Neale told TechCrunch the app will help content providers create a social buzz around their shows, perhaps in the same way the Zeebox helps to raise awareness.

He said: "Broadcasters are, and quite understandably, protective over their content. That said, we've had an extremely positive response from broadcasters as we enable them to retain ownership of their content and control the experience, whilst driving social engagement and generating incremental ad revenues.

"Not only are we helping broadcasters to drive social buzz around their shows, but we are also enabling them to generate incremental ad revenues – by giving brands the opportunity to extend TV sponsorship into social media. This is very attractive to both broadcasters and brand sponsors."

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